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Elena Ivanova

Elena Ivanova is a visual artist based out of New York and Moscow. Growing up in a family of musicians in Russia, she was always surrounded by art, live music shows, and the history of Russian avant-garde which had a significant influence on her work


Moved by the energy and artistic community of Manhattan, Elena sketches her interpretations of the events and experiences she encounters. Her pieces are her own sessions of therapy - she attempts to come to terms with uncertainty, find comfort in the chaotic city life, and bring order to restless mind. 


She often finds inspiration in the eclectic music scene of New York City and searches for the ways to find connection between the sound and its visual interpretation,


She expresses herself in abstract designs through composition and unique combinations of colors and shapes. Her work is meditative and mystic; and is always a result of raw emotions and deep reflection.


In her creative process, she tries to reflect on the contradicting nature of the modern world, as well as her own self. All of her paintings are created as an expression of the emotions she experiences presently and she relies on abstraction to communicate complexities of life and her own personality. She consider her artwork to be a creative meditation, an attempt at self analysis, an exploration of her inner world. The themes that influence her work are related to nostalgia, life as an immigrant and, ultimately always, love for life.










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